Giffoni International Film Festival 2016

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Going to a whole new country without your parents, living with another family, watching movies and judging them all day, meeting inspiring actors is just how you describe a fun, educational and helpful holiday. Every moment at this festival is cherishable and lively. Getting to explore the kind of movies or the problems shown in these movies from different directors of different cultures is very rare and can be found here.

I still remember the movie that won, ” Fanny’s journey”. It had a magical sense which made the viewer sympathize with the character, it is a movie worth crying. It’s about a group of Jewish children (lead by Fanny) and their journey of fleeing from Nazi-occupied France, away from their parents. Inspired by real life incidents, this movie is full of awareness and inspiring messages like never be scared, or be good to everyone etc.

The theme of this festival is also very inspiring as it is about the “final destination”, and how you fulfill your goals in life. It is finding the path to self – fulfillment. Reaching your desired destination or position is very important as it gives immense pleasure and a sense of satisfaction. All of the movies in the festival were having kids as protagonists and showed what was their destination. Some movies had an element added to their film about dictatorship, and I felt that it was hard to see what people have suffered and no one was spared not even children. Every movie was unique in itself being of different countries and cultures. Giffoni is just a stage, the first destination, a turning point aimed at showing countless new roads.

Another good thing was that this festival had many latest films’ previews like Finding Dory, Ice Age 5, Ghostbusters, New York Academy and Me before you. Every movie was special. Every movie had a different style. I personally liked both Ghostbusters and New York Academy.

Besides all of this there many other things going on like 250+ performances of different places. We even had one of the Indian dances on the first day. Also, there were many popular guests that arrived and we had a question answer round with them like Jennifer Aniston, Sam Clafin, Nicholas Hoult, Nicholas Galitzine, Mika etc.

Giffoni is an endless road where new talent, perspectives, solutions, ideas, and reviews are born in the world of movies and related media. It is the beginning of a journey for the youth of the world to come together.



2 thoughts on “Giffoni International Film Festival 2016

  1. Aashi says:

    This article gave us a window to the wonderful world of Giffoni film festival and also your enriching experience there. Great one, keep posting more.


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